RFID Asset Tracking

YesTurnkey's WiNOC Asset Tracking Edition can help IT specialists manage assets. It works with Active RFID equipment to provide realtime positioning information about assets. Positions of assets are shown on location maps. In addition, the administrator can seek the current position of a specific asset by its tag ID, tag name, or associated user.

The asset tracking technology can be deployed in factories, hospitals, rest homes, etc. to track positions of human or nonhuman assets. When WiNOC detects that monitored persons are entering a restricted area or leaving a confined area, it can send an alert to the administrator by short message. By automatically controlling security cameras, these persons can be immediately and visually monitored by the administrator.

By using the database technology for data sharing, realtime asset positioning information collected by WiNOC can be processed by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for decision making.

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Latest updated: 2021/09/10